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SEPA Premium.

SEPA is a space and planet exploration game that takes place in an infinite galaxy. Explore vast planets and the cities within' them. Hunt animals and explore strange worlds in paper 3D.

SEPA Premium A.2

More models. 
Planet Inhabitants (In City's). 
4 planet systems. 
Somewhere Else Toggle ( Go to random spot on planet.) 
Planet & System Details. 
Short story's from city inhabitants.  
Laser Torpedo Gun.
Much Better UI. (Top Images)
New Mouse Pointer.
Smaller Default Window (Make Game Faster)
Extremely Huge Planets. (If you navigate it correctly) 

BUG ALERT>>> If nothing shows up on planet. Go into menu and click "Exit City"
The bug will then correct itself.

SEPA Premium A.3

Corruption Fixed!!! Uploading Servers!!

*Usable Resources
*Harvesting of Rocks & Plants
*Crafting (Minimal at the moment)
*Space Stations
*Overhauled City's
*New Models
*Engage-able Space Battle's



  • More Space exploring
  • Even Better Graphics
  • Story-line
  • Ruins
  • Water
  • 3D Underwater Exploring
  • True 3D Terrain

Forward = Up Arrow
Backwards = Down Arrow
Side ways = Left & Right arrow keys

"Good Things Come in Small Packages" - somebody...

PC Requirements:

  • Any Windows OS (Run on Linux with Wine)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 27 Megabytes of free storage space
  • 1. GH Graphics Processor


  • Any Windows OS (Run on Linux with Wine)
  • 1.5 GB of RAM
  • 27 Megabytes of free storage space
  • 1.5 GH Graphics Processor


Buy Now$1.30 USD or more

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SEPA Premium A.2.exe 26 MB

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